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Your new commute: zero minutes

Your new commute: zero minutes

Security Hub offers you to work location independent at a remote company with an open and direct communication and a dynamic start-up culture with future-oriented topics within an B2B enterprise ecosystem and the possibility to create a work-life balance that fits to your personal needs. Either you want to spend more time with your family, dedicate to sports and your hobbies or live the advantereous life as a digital nomad. With us, it's possible.

100% remote company - even after COVID19

We are commited to be a truly zero overhead, 100% remote company. We prefer to work remote so we start Security Hub as a remote only concept because we also believe that we need to challenge ourselves with all the pros and cons that this concept brings. Where personal exchange is important, we do not want to do without it, and where it only ensures full streets and trains, we are happy to do without it. We promise that we will stay a remote company even after COVID19.

Lean, zero overhead, remote company

We are a lean, zero overhead, remote company and have the values of avoiding waste very deep in our DNA. Do your best work from anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you work from a desk, cafe, beach, or a van – we help you maintain your freedom while conquering your to-do list. So, where to next?

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