Work at Security Hub, work remotely!

We're seeking top talent, to solve complex challenges, in a fully remote team

Working at Security Hub

We're a young, talented, remote first team

We’re building an amazing team of top talent from around the world. We hire globally, you work locally - in the middle of London, a beach in the Mediterranean, or a sleepy Swiss village, you choose.

We work on complex problems with a flat management structure, no office politics (partly because we don't have an office), but mainly because we're all accomplished at what we do, focused on success, and free to live the way we choose. 

If you're at the top of your field and like what you're reading, take a look at our current positions and apply to join the team!

Our Mission

SAP is one of the largest software providers in the world. Over two thirds of retail transactions globally touch their system. As we become ever more interconnected, the threat to the stability of SAP systems increases. The world runs on SAP systems, and it's our job to keep them safe, secure and compliant, to keep the world working!  

Our Positions

How we work

We’re a remote first startup. We don’t do free coffee, cakes, and Friday beers, because we don’t need to convince you offices are great. They’re not, they’re restrictive and distracting. We believe you do your best work on your own terms, at a place of your choosing. We don’t just believe it, we do it! Every employee is empowered to work where they want, and given the support to do their best work.

We’re Swiss, so at our heart is quality, trust, mastery and high performance. We expect this in all of our team, as we expect it in ourselves. While we work hard we also like to play hard. Every quarter we meet for one retreat where we check in, and check out! When we meet we celebrate the wins, always celebrate the wins. 

When we work, we work agile. We have a committed lean, agile methodology based on Scrum and SAFe principles. This keeps us focused on deliverables across complex, multi-month projects. 

No fitting vacancy and yet interested in joining us?

Great - let us know!

Recruitment FAQs

How long is the recruitment process?

Depending on how far you get in the process, it can take anywhere from a week to 4 weeks, varying on the seniority of the position, as well as the volume of applications for that particular post.

Why do you ask for a video introduction?

As a remote company, we’re aware of the perks but also the drawbacks of remote work. At Security Hub, we believe that putting a face to the voice is imperative for a healthy working environment. We see the video introduction as a symbolic first step.

Can I apply for multiple positions at once?

If you feel you qualify for multiple positions listed on our website, feel free to mention them in the cover letter. We won’t disqualify anyone based on multiple applications of separate job posts, but the cover letter will be the best way to go.

Will I be required to travel?

This depends on your location and job requirements. If any travel is needed, this will be specified in the job description and pointed out in the recruitment process. If you have impairments prohibiting you from traveling and it might affect your work, please mention them in the cover letter.

Can I work from anywhere?

Remote work offers additional flexibility in choosing your own working environment such as workstation, lighting, ambient, etc. However, to stay efficient as a remote worker, we require all our team members to have a quiet space dedicated and optimized for work, including a second screen and a headset.

What time zone should I be in?

We have team members across the world, in different time zones. However, we do require an overlap with our headquarters in Switzerland. This overlap will be defined for each position separately and can be anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on the position. Our synchronization slots are Monday and Friday from 10 to 12 AM and from 2 to 4 PM (CET).

Join the team, or join the company

Work with us or become an equity partner

We're seeking both partners and employees. Depending on your situation you can work as a freelancer or you can contract with share buying options.  

Our hiring process has several steps that may differ depending on the team. We pick our new team members carefully with the company head closely involved. Our culture is built on excellence, transparency, cooperation, ownership, and trust, so anyone looking to join our efforts will have to abide by the same rules, regardless of their position and seniority.